Into the Deep

20 January 2013

The adventurers find themselves at the dilapidated and trash-filled entrance to the Temple of Ouer-Sur. After dispatching a Goblin dog guarding the entrance hall, the party enters. Astor explores some of the Goblins’ food supply, deftly sneaking behind the guards. Hugo and Inira aren’t quite so lucky – they find themselves ambushed by a waiting squad of Goblin lackeys and their captain. The captain flees, leaving his cronies to the mercy of an angry half-orc and a rather flustered cleric. Inira lights up the darkened hall and examines the area while Hugo cleans up the piles of trash scattered about the entrance.

The adventurers then delve deeper into the abandoned temple, mercifully sparing a sleeping Goblin guard who was catching a quick nap in the dormitories as the explorers investigated. Further within, the adventurers move through a series of caverns magically enchanted with a forgetfulness aura. Hugo, following a bizarre primal urge to dispatch more Goblins, finds himself in a chamber faced with another set of Goblin henchmen and a captain, who this time is armed with a magical thrown weapon. Astor and Inira catch up just in time to patch up Hugo’s wounds and finish off the Goblins, although not before one escapes. Following the path of the escaping Goblin, the adventurers find a secret path back toward the entrance hall, and exit again, although not before rummaging through the Goblins’ armory for anything of value.


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