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Murder in Bellis

On the morning after the Night of the Pale the murdered body of Garit was found in his stable. He had a single stab wound in his abdomen and it appears the blade pierced up into his heart and he bled out into his hay. After he was discovered the tavern was closed down and all the residents were evicted (William, Selah, Lena, Athkesh, Opal, Ingrid and Kazay). The constables were already at the scene and questioned all of the guests.

Unfortunately the constables were not careful and they trampled most of the evidence that may have remained at the scene. However, a few blood prints were found and they appeared to be from man sized shoes.

Based on the information gained from the guests at the Hog’s Head, the constables arrested Devon from his home and brought him to the town jail for questioning. A brief check of his house confirmed the local rumor that the spider farm is, indeed, very creepy.

After some questioning, the house of Talon and Tori was found but, apparently, empty. Tori’s meadery, which is near her house, was also closed and also apparently empty.

Reiner was deeply affected by the murder, but not because of any deep love for him. His chief concern is that his wife Beth would run off with Lily to run a tavern in a big city which, evidently, they have long wanted to do.

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